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7 Study Habits Students Must Do Now

September 13, 2017

Good study habits require time. In the fast paced society in which we live students can benefit from slowing down to digest classroom instruction. Here are a few things that they can do to help your student:
1. While at home or on the road give your student a book to read when they don’t have a homework assignment. Ask for a summary. 
2. Make sure that all completed homework gets turned in on time
3. Communicate with teacher way before parent’s night about the quality of your students work. Ask for advice and implement it.
4. Your student should review notes from each class every day.
5. Your student must prepare for their test at least 5 days before each exam. The should write a study outline of books they are studying
6. Down load audible books for your student to listen to and learn from
7. Your student should get a tutor for difficult courses and use the tutor for the entire semester.
I always encourage students to review what they have studied with other people.
Dr. Stephen Jones is a success guru and author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study at


10 Powerful Ways to Inspire People Every Day

July 1, 2017

The commitment to inspire people starts with an inner feeling of contentment. It is a willingness to share the joy and peace that is inside of you with others.  It is a desire to inspire others to dream big and to expect to accomplish great goals.  Inspirational people encourage people to believe that there is something greater within them.  Here are easy ways that you can raise inspiration level of others by 100 percent:

  1. Be a joyous person and share encouraging words daily
  2. Listen with focused attention on what the other person is saying
  3. Don’t be moved by what you see
  4. Other people don’t define what your attitude will be
  5. Bring someone a gift that they were not expecting to receive
  6. Tell people what you appreciate about them
  7. Never, never give up on encouraging others
  8. Try something new that you have not done before
  9.  Go on a fitness walk at least three days a week to clear your mind
  10. Listen to motivational videos

Someone is waiting for you to remind them that they are awesome and that they can accomplish great things.  You may be the first person that says something positive to them all week. You should be like the light that cast out the darkness of a challenging situation. Today is your day to inspire and uplift others. The best is on its way.

Dr. Stephen Jones is a speaker and education advocate.  He is the author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Ultimate Scholarship Guide and the Ultimate Parent’s Guide at


How to Wisely Save Money for College

May 24, 2017

We are living in a time of financial concerns are swarming all around us. Corporations are laying off thousands of employees. While banks are not lending money as easily as they use to. Now is the time to get your financial house in order.  Do you have a written down financial budget plan for your family? Do you know where all of your money is going?  We are almost six months into 2017 and now is a great time to plan your budget and follow your plan. If you are focused you can actually save thousands of dollars.

A smart financial plan begins with your own research and study of your financial circumstances.  If you have not heard from your retirement company give them a call. You want to maximize the amount of information that you use to make good financial decisions. Don’t feel pressured to move money around or to take your money out of the bank and hide it. Remember your money is insured up to $250,000 for each bank where your money is deposited. It is still a good idea to have a conversation with the bank manager about your money. Get everything in writing so that you know what your bank will and will not do regarding their fees.

This is one time when procrastinating does not work in your favor.  Every day you could be losing money that you could be saving for college.  It’s time to have a plan of action that you will follow. Attend a financial planning workshops at your job. Consider the time that you are attending the workshop and investment in your future. Prepare a few questions prior to the financial planning meeting. Ask if there is a financial planning website that you can review.

Most adults have never attended any type of money management class.  They do what their parents did with their money. Their bills were continuously behind and the house was loaded up with the things that they wanted but did not need. When a person who freely spends marries a thrifty person there can be conflicts over money. This type of conflict can strain any relationship.  In fact financial management issues are one of the primary reasons that married couples break up.  Agreeing to manage your money with some flexibility must be a priority. Each single person and married couple should have a financial plan.

One of the effective things that you can do at this time is cut back on unnecessary expenses.  Eliminating fast food from your diet may be one way to save money and to shed some weight. You can add this money to your college fund.  If you decide to make this change you will improve your health and financial situation at the same time.  If you go to Dunkin Donuts in the morning, McDonald’s during the afternoon and to a restaurant at night you can easily spend $50.00 a day and by doing this several times each week you will spend hundreds of dollars. Taking control of your budget means looking at every aspect of your life and considering the changes you must make.

Your goal should be to pay off bills and cut up all credit cards. Did you know that if you are late paying one bill your interest rate on other credit cards can go up?  Paying your bills on time is an important habit. When possible pay a little more money on each bill.  Get a copy of your credit report and eliminate any statements that are not true. Remember that banks and credit unions will look at your credit report score when you want to make a loan or ask for a line of credit. Manage your money by putting yourself in a position to pay off your financial obligations.

We each have a free will to choose how to manage our individual budget. Learn to be content with what you have rather than letting your friend influence your buying decisions.  Purchasing a $1,500 flat screen television may not be in your budget. Remember you can enjoy freedom when you manage your money and you can still pay for college.  During 2017 let your financial plan guide you to save thousands of dollars that you have never saved before.  Dr. Stephen Jones is author of the “Ultimate Scholarship Guide.” Reduce your student’s college expenses by getting a copy at

7 Habits of Successful Scholarship Winners

May 6, 2017

By. Dr. Stephen Jones

You need to have a plan to win scholarships. Identify people who can help you find scholarships. Don’t let people tell you that you are wasting your time. There are billions of dollars in scholarships that do not get used every year. Here are some things you should do.

1. Apply for 5 scholarships every week2. Have a set day and time of the week to apply for scholarships

3. Regularly talk to the high school counselor about scholarships

4. Keep a folder on their computer that is filled with scholarship application essays

5. Seek scholarships from stores that you commonly visit every day.

6. Ask relatives to contribute to your scholarship fund

7. Make a list of scholarship that are offered by each college where you will submit a application. Submit them on time.

Get started searching for scholarships right away. Once you are in college continue to search for scholarships.

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Student Success Radio Program

September 24, 2016

Special guest on Life Esteem Digital Radio program with Dr. Nathaniel Gadsden on college and education success. The Voice 17104. Host Christopher Thomas
https://www.facebook.his the com/nathaniel.gadsden/posts/1020738093910483ga

Dr. Stephen Jones Book Signing

February 27, 2016

 Dr. Stephen Jones Book Signing – Get your education questions answered. 48th Street Grille, 310 s. 48th Street, Phila, Pa March 5, 2016 2:00 – 5:30 pm About Dr. Stephen Jones at


Test Taking Preparation Now

February 2, 2016

Test Taking Preparation Now
In order to perform well on any test you must be organized and have a written plan of action. You must do these 5 thing:
1. Meet with your teacher to ask test prep questions 

2. Have a test preparation calendar 

3. Study five days before every test

4. Tell some what you have learned in preparation for the test.

5. Get a tutor early

6. Read each chapter more than once
I created a book to help students to get ready test. If you taking a college test, a test to become a police officer, hair stylist or into the military get the Seven Secrets of How to Study at